Finding Balance

We often live life in extremes. Either revved up, charged up, and raring to go; or beat down, tired, and apathetic.

 Like a pendulum however, which finds perfect balance as it swings toward the center, our lives work best when we find balance, living life from the middle. Moderation.

 For example, when we eat a balanced diet we provide proper nutrition for our bodies to stay healthy and strong, and avoid both gorging ourselves with food, but also not starving ourselves on a crash diet.

 It’s the same with relationships. We can live at one extreme and be a hermit; or we can become overly dependent upon other people allowing our relationships to define who we are.

 A more balanced approach is to live interdependent with others—enjoying our friendships and relationships with our loved ones, but also taking time for solitude, to be alone with our selves, alone with God.

 Finding balance in life requires us to feel for the edges. Like a blind person uses a cane to keep centered on the sidewalk, we can use our inner compass, the voice of wisdom, to guide us, inform us when we’ve gotten too far off in one direction so we can move back toward our center again, finding deeper peace and wholeness.


 Where is your center?

What helps you find balance?

What daily practices keep you on track?









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