Find Your Purpose

Where do you go when you get to the end of your dreams?

 —Dan Fogelberg


Men need a purpose in life; a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Having a purpose roots us in our true self; it gives us joy that comes from using our gifts and talents in a way that gives meaning and shape to our lives.

Without a purpose or goal we’re working toward, we can feel useless; we drift from day-to-day with numbness toward life and ourselves. We lose focus.

Finding our purpose energizes us.  We experience hope and excitement about life. We live with passion.

In seeking our purpose, many faith traditions invite us to reflect upon our death to help us gain deeper perspective about life.

I wonder sometimes about my funeral.  Who will be there? What will they say as they gaze into my casket about who I was and how I lived?

My hope would be that I encouraged others.  I hope I helped point others toward their inner source of wisdom, the Holy Spirit, God as they understood him, their Inner Compass I like to call it.  Like Barnabas, who when Saint Paul returned to Jerusalem after his conversion took Paul and introduced him to the apostles, I hope as I struggled to find my Soul, others became empowered to find their Soul too as we journeyed together through the mystery of life.

That may be a pretty tall order and I often fail in achieving that purpose, but trying to live like Barnabas as a man who empowers others gives me a focus, a direction and a purpose for my life.  And when others connect with their inner Self, it makes me smile, on the inside.

Maybe we are all called to be a Barnabas in some respects. We’re called to encourage and empower each other, like camels walking alongside one another in the desert, we help blow the dust from each other’s eyes.

Whatever our purpose is, when we name it and claim it, we move further on the path toward wholeness.  We begin living the life we were created to live.  Our purpose helps us clarify who we are and why we’re here on life’s journey.

Game Plan:  Find your purpose.  Name it.  Who or what are you living for?



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