Find Your Soul

We spend a lot of time looking for stuff—a good deal on a new iPhone, the next vacation we want to take, the new set of golf clubs we think we need to improve our game.

Maybe what we’re really looking for is our soul.  That part of us that lives beyond time, that’s connected to something that’s both within us, and yet much bigger than us.  Our soul—the integration of our mind, body and spirit connected to and embraced by the God of our understanding. Our eternal essence embodied in a physical dimension for a only short duration and which will live beyond time and space after our minds and bodies cease to function.

And once we find our soul—or at least begin the journey to find it—all the rest of the stuff becomes mere distraction or simple convenience.

So how do we look for our souls?

First, it seems we need to becoMan at seashoreme aware of and name what we’re looking for.  We need to have the courage and tenacity to reach for that elusive something that all of us, including many wise men and women, search for all their lives. We need to claim our journey, the adventure to find our home base, our root, the umbilical connection between the one who created us and ourselves.  Our True Self, our Authentic Self some call it.

Second, we need to stop looking for stuff “out there” and realize the real journey is “in here.” Inside of us, where in quiet moments we begin to experience the inner voice, that gentle whisper that speaks to us from our gut, that nudges us, leads us and guides us intuitively in a way no store-bought item can hope to accomplish.

Third, we need to develop practices that nurture our soul, develop our understanding of it, and create an environment where our souls can thrive.  Good books. Quiet meditation. Gratitude lists. Spiritual friends.  Retreats. Workshops. Long walks. Nature hikes. Creativity.

All of these tangible actions ground us, center us, help us develop that third eye many faith traditions call wisdom, which is the pathway to our souls.

Our souls have a language all their own.  Our job is to learn that language just like we learned English or Spanish.

The language of our soul is as close to us as our breath, as deep within us as our hearts, and as soft and gentle as the wisp of a flute.

Because of its gentleness, the language of the soul can sometimes be hard to hear when the noise and distractions of the world drown it out.  But silence is our soul’s language and its best friend.

Take some time each day to nurture your soul; to develop a gentle discipline that you naturally find yourself drawn to and desire as you listen carefully and patiently to the voice that has no voice within you. The tiny whisper.

We may not be able to find our physical souls on this side of eternity and stick a flag into its soil the way we did when we discovered the moon, but the journey to our soul is far more rewarding and life giving than the short trip to Target.

What are you really looking for?

What do you hope to find?

What would happen if you found your soul?


  1. This helps me grow in my wisdom.
    Silent and Listen have the exact same letters!

    • good thought. I never realized silent and listen were twins!

  2. Such peaceful article about how to finding ourself in the reality, the key is our soul.
    Thank you,

    Francesca Metaxas


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