Where do I find God’s Presence?

Imagine God’s Presence reaching out, brushing your heart



  • The snow, wind and rain
  • The beauty of the sun
  • The laughter of a child
  • The love of a spouse or partner
  • The care of a friend
  • The compassion of a co-worker
  • The dreams dreaming in you
  • The whisper in your soul…


Where do you find God’s presence today?


  1. when our safety was compromised with true winter in nature this past weekend and the vision of brother hawk which in some rings of thought signify death, fear gripped my being then I realized quickly – ‘mash-ka-wisen’ (inner strength) the beauty and the force of nature that had sent us a pop quiz & revealed our safety net – the ‘me became we’ – ‘mitakuye-oyasin’ (we are all related).
    gitchi migwetch
    (big thank you)

    • Ralph,
      It continues to amaze me how God speaks to us all through nature. So, what do you think the hawk symbolized at the time you saw him?

      • thanx Brian – i was thinking ‘dangerous eh?’ and especially after i read my own comment on your reflection that i might need to explain myself . . . so here goes.

        i have been researching and reading quite a bit on native american spirituality and there were a few terms I used in there native tongue that i needed to explain.

        mash-ka-wisen pronounced mash-KOW-sin means inner strength

        mitakuye-oyassin pronounced ‘me-TAHK-wee-a-say’ means we are all related

        gitchi-migwetch pronounced GI-chi ME-gwich means big thank you

        • Love it Ralph! You provide us with a whole new perspective and wisdom. Good stuff! Thanks for helping us grow!!!!!


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