Feels Like Today

 Much of our headspace is filled with the “what if” questions that have no answers.


  • What if I was smarter, taller, had better abs, was born into a wealthy family and had been surrounded with men who fathered me better?


  • What if I found the perfect spouse, the perfect friend or the perfect place to live?

 These impossible dreams space never seem to satisfy us. Whenever we find something or someone that we think will make us whole on the outside, we still have this nagging hole on the inside, which keeps us looking for more. And we keep asking, “What is it I haven’t yet found?”

  These unanswered—unending—impossible dream questions can haunt us. They rob us of joy and take our focus off of whom and what we’ve already have been given in our life.

 Maybe what we’re looking for is ourselves, our True Selves—who is there all the time waiting for us on the inside. Maybe we’ve been asking the wrong questions all these years—looking for ourselves in all the wrong places.

 This shift in perspective might invite us to ask different questions, deeper questions that lead us toward inner liberation. Peace. Questions like:

  •  What if I am exactly who I am supposed to be—as I am—here and now? And what if I was okay with me the majority of the time?


  • What if I loved myself today? What if I allowed myself to receive my own love and respect just as I am, where I am?


  • What if I allowed myself to receive the love of those who love me?


  • What if I sat like a seer—a holy sage—in that quiet place behind my mind, which simply observes my life like a Buddha—without judgment—without trying to be someplace other than where I am right now?


  • What if I didn’t cling to the happiness I experience in life and simply received it as gift?


  • What if I accepted pain and suffering as a pathway to growth and freedom?


  • What if I realized I am not my thoughts—they are just energy—brain waves that pass through my brain?


  • What if I a realized I am not my emotions—they are just feelings that come and go like the ebb and flow of waves on Lake Michigan—beautiful—haunting at times—but not me.


  • What if I accepted the fact that I am God’s divine creation—and that he is painting his love across the landscape of the world with the paintbrush of my life?


  • What if my spouse, my best friend and my children are exactly the people who are supposed to be in my life right now?


  • What if I am living the impossible dream today—right now? What if my life is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to?

 These questions help remind us we’re already living the impossible dream. We’re exactly what and where we’re supposed to be. Life is unfolding as it’s supposed to. Today.


You are exactly who and where you’re supposed to be.

Your life is unfolding as it should.

You are living and breathing.


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