My prayer is that the trickle of men willing to push against the man rules and ‘ask so that we might receive’ will burst into a life-giving river, filled with an abundance of men willing to walk the God-path, shoulder-to-shoulder.

 —Brian J. Plachta


Father’s Day is a great time to reflect back upon our dads—how they loved us, cared for us and helped us become the men we are today.  My dad died in 1976 when I was 16.  I think I miss him now as much as I did when he first passed away from cancer.  He was a strong and loving man.  I always felt safe and protected by him.  He had my back no matter what.

 Even though he has passed to the other side, I believe those we love find ways to communicate with us.  Similar to Patrick Swayze in the movie Ghost, I find a penny every now and then in odd places that surprises me.  Those pennies are a simple reminder to me that my dad is near; he’s watching and encouraging me.  He’s still got my back.

 Father’s day offers another opportunity to reflect upon the people we father in our lives.  Our sons and daughters, our spouses and partners, our friends and colleagues at work.  Whether we are married our unmarried, with our without children, each man is invited to father other people with our strength and wisdom, our encouragement and love.  It’s how we grow.  It’s how we gain insight and direction.

 In the book Pillars of Steel—How Real Men Draw Strength from Each Other, the ancient tradition of spiritual friendships is re-introduced to a culture that is struggling to identify what it means to be a man in today’s world.  On this Father’s Day, in addition to taking the time to thank our dad’s for being the men who helped us grow into who we are today, let’s also reflect upon the spiritual friends we have in our life—the men we mentor and who mentor us on this amazing journey called life!  And if you get a chance thank those men for being Pillars of Steel in your life.


 father and sonGame Plan:  Take some time today to reflect on the gift of your manhood. What is the greatest gift your father gave you?  How has that gift helped you become the man you are today?  How do you use your gifts to mentor other men?  Who are the men that mentor you?  Who are your spiritual friends on life’s journey?


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