Experience the Sacred in the Ordinary

There’s often a general feeling ruminating, brewing within us—a sense that something’s wrong—something’s not quite right. It’s an angst, which at times sours our perspective about the world and ourselves.


We can try to fight this free-floating negativity with positive thinking. Looking at the glass as half full. Looking at the stars instead of the mud. Reminding ourselves we are safe. Secure. Blessed.


But that negative hum that goes buzz in our heads continues to pester us from time to time like a nasty black fly.


Perhaps that buzz, that negative ring is an invitation, a call to go beyond our thinking, and experience the sacred in the ordinary.


The mere fact we woke up this morning; that the dull pain in our joints went away as we began to move around—all of these are sacred acts of our body. And we do nothing to make these bodily functions happen. Yet they happen everyday. Automatically.


Our lungs breathe.

Our hearts pump.

Our eyes see.


Each of these acts is perhaps as consecrated as water turned into wine.


We work.

We have work.

We ‘re able to work.


And the work of our hands, feet, and bodies create love in the world. Our lives touch other’s lives. Our toil inspires other’s hearts. Our endurance relieves other’s burdens. Our work sustains us with daily bread.


Maybe we’re looking for miracles in the wrong places. We want to see God come down in a cloudburst and restore the earth and its people to its original blessing.


But perhaps the miracles are right there under our nose, every day, through the caring, loving acts we perform and those that others perform for us. That’s where we find the miracles, the hope, and the realization that everything is holy, because God created all of Creation with a hidden spark of Divine Love.

Once we open our eyes to see the spark of Divine Love in everything our perspective begins to change.

The hummingbird that surprised us on the front porch this morning becomes a gentle reminder that a deceased loved one is still here, present to us through the gift of nature.

The loving gaze of our pets becomes a metaphor for the unconditional love God has for each of us.

The beauty of morning dew sparkling off blades of spring grass reflects the light in our soul’s rising with each dawn.

The laughter of a child, their innocence and awe, tugs at our hearts inviting us to rediscover the gift of joy found in the little things like bugs, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and yogurt glopping off our hands.


When we begin to see through the lens of ordinary sacredness we rediscover the Divine within ourselves. We remember we are holy in the midst of our ordinariness, in the midst of our messiness.

Why? Because we are Divine Love created by the God of Love. And our ordinary acts of love sprinkle stardust upon the earth.


Try this:


Sit for a few moments in the Quiet.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Relax.


Place your hands on your chest and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. Hear the silent gentle drumbeat within you.

Then notice the rush of blood flowing out of your heart throughout your entire body.


Feel its warmth, cleansing and enriching all of you on the inside. Feel the flow within you.


Could it be this gentle flow you experience is love, God’s love flowing within you?


Bask in this love for a few moments. Receive it.


Then take this love into your day. Returning to this experience as often as you desire.

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Brian Plachta

Corpus Christi Sunday

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