Where do you experience heaven (love) today?


The happiest people are those who have one or two intimate (in-to-me-see) relationships; those who are loved deeply by one or two others and to whom they give love in return.

 To love and be loved is our natural condition; it’s how we’re created. And when we experience love as real, we experience heaven here on earth. We’re happy. Loved. Loving.

 Fear, the opposite of love, is an illusion we create in our minds that we are unloved or unsafe. When we fear, we experience hell on earth; tortured minds.

 God created us out of love to live in love and be loved. We are the spirit of God living and breathing here on earth. Our spirits can never be destroyed because God, the eternal, created us and nothing can destroy God or what God creates.

 We have a simple choice to make then: to live in the reality of love (heaven); or the illusion of fear (hell).

 One way to live in love is to look at our world through the lens of love asking ourselves a simple question, where do I experience love today?

 By looking at the world through the lens of love, we’re able to see concrete proof of who we love and who loves us with a deep abiding, pure love. Our spouses, partners, friends, and family become living evidence of the reality that we love and are loved unconditionally. Through the lens of love we realize and affirm we ourselves are good, loving and whole. Complete.

And we continue to experience heaven through the beauty of nature, the sunrise, the song of the morning dove, the unconditional love of our pets.

We were made to be happy. It is our birthright. 

We experience happiness, heaven on earth, when we look at our world through the lens of love. That’s where freedom begins and reigns.

The choice is ours.


Where do you experience heaven (love) today?

Who are the one or two people you love and who love you unconditionally?

Could it be you really are happy? Loved? Loving?



brian plachta

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