Our Creator, not visible to us in form, gives us Evidence, to deepen our faith. Often we sleepwalk through our day unaware of the signs He has made for us. One day, I awoke from my slumber and saw the Evidence that God provided.


The bright sun, a ball of intense brilliant light, warming my body and lighting my way. Evidence of the powerful energy our Divine must have.


The sound of the surf breaking on the beach, like the percussion in a beautiful symphony. Evidence of our God the musician.


The rich pastel colors of the rising and setting sun over the water. Evidence of our Creator the artist.


The sound of thunder and unrelenting wind. The pounding of a driving rain in the midst of a storm, only to be followed by calm and sunlight. Evidence of the awesome power of our Creator.


The abundance of shells and sea life washed ashore giving food to the masses of winged animals. Evidence of God the provider.


Looking up and witnessing the palms swaying in the breeze, the soft rustling sound they make. Evidence of the gentleness of the Divine.


Fifty different species of birds observed in a day, singing, diving, and gliding. Evidence of God’s want for diversity within his creation.


Walking the beach and watching dolphins play in the water. Diving, chasing circling and dancing with pure delight. Evidence of the joy our Creator must also want for us.


Picking up a beautiful conch shell on the beach. Turning it over and being surprised by the nip on the finger by a hidden claw. Evidence of our God the humorist.


A sand sculpture remaining all week on the beach, undisturbed for all who pass by to enjoy. Evidence of the respect God wants us to have for each other.


Alone at night with only the sound of waves in the distance. Moments of silence to enjoy. Evidence of God reminding us that as he can be seen in nature he can be heard in the silence.


All of these experiences in my moment of awakening. Evidence of the love God must have for each of us.


I was awake that day and felt I knew our Creator a little bit better. Later, a voice in my heart told me to remain awake and be aware for I have more evidence that I want to share.

By: Greg Hunt, February 2015.




  1. comfort & joy – from the very first time i felt your heart recite these beautiful words/moments – and now reading once more – true comfort and i feel as though i am there – in the moment – thanx greg.

  2. Having been to Sanibel and Captiva many times, and having experienced every molecule of what you observed,
    I find this poem highly impactful. Beautiful, Greg!


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