Evict the Inner Critic







There’s a voice in our heads that grows over time—a voice which judges, condemns, and plagues us. The voice comes from negative experiences we encounter throughout our life, which we internalize as truth.


But that voice, the inner critic, is not reality. It’s false. It’s pain or fear, which got stuck inside of us.


The inner critic typically has nothing good to say about us. It looks at everything as black and white.  It’s a freeloader, a squatter, and the only rent it pays is grief.


We were not born with the inner critic. It grew out of our fears and anxiety. It was trying to protect us, but it got bastardized along the way.


Instead, we were born with the Voice of Love—the Voice that comes from our Creator and which lives in our Soul, in our heart. The Voice of Love is always with us; the noise of the critic who gradually took up residence in our heads just muffles it sometimes.


The good news is we can evict the inner critic. We can expose its ugly head when it rears at us.


Step-back for a moment and became aware of your inner critic. What does that negative voice sound like inside your head? What is the critic saying to you? Give the critic a name.


Then, challenge the critic as you would any one who was trying to dispute you. Is what the critic saying, true? Are you really what the critic is suggesting about you?


Replace the critic’s bitter barbs with the truth: I am a good person; perfectly human; willing to be honest and grow; willing to love myself and others as I learn to listen for and follow the Voice of Love within me.


We can choose to replace the inner critic with the Voice of Love because the inner critic cannot stand up against the power of love and truth. The critic has no power. It’s simply a false viewpoint that is not grounded in reality.


Instead of listening to its voice, we can replace it with the Voice of Love, which always speaks with kindness, compassion, and honesty. When we let the Voice of Love take up residence in our heads and hearts, we grow, get unstuck from our fear and negativity, and learn to live with joy.



 What does the voice of my inner critic sound like?

 How does that voice differ from the Voice of Love?

 Which voice do I chose to listen to, to guide, and inspire me?

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