I Am Enough

I Am Enough…

an Advent Awakening…

 To all the people and all the times I’ve told myself I’m not, I AM enough.

 I have enough. I give enough. I live enough and what I give is enough to make this small corner of my world brighter than it was before.

 I exist. Here and now. And I have a right to exist. I do not have to make you better or change you or become enslaved by you. I only desire to love you as I love myself— unconditionally.

 We are not perfect—you and I—yet we are both enough because the One who created us created us in love.


 Consider the times you or others have told yourself you are not enough. Can you respond to those accusations gently yet firmly in your heart: I AM enough.

 How does the Christmas story, the fact that God became a human being, invite you to accept the fact that you are enough?

 How might our life’s stories change if we accepted the tiny seed of truth within each of us, which gently proclaims: I am enough?


I am Enough

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