Easter Dreams

Don’t Quit Before the Miracle


 —Alcoholics Anonymous





We often set out toward a dream bursting with vim and vigor, trusting we’ll soon conquer the world.  But, after a few weeks or months we lose that initial thrust, and before long the dream we’re pursuing gets lost in the shuffle of day-to-day living.


Take the dream of being a writer.  I started out with a desire to use the gift of writing to help me figure out life, wrestle out loud on the page with things I wondered about, and maybe start the conversation with others who chew on the same stuff that whirls around my brain. 


I established a morning writing routine, set a weekly goal of how much time I wanted and was able to squeeze into my life to write, decided how many words per week I was going to produce. Initially, things went pretty well for almost a year.  I even wrote and published my first book.


But now I find myself letting other things get in the way of my writing dream.  And the things that are pulling at me are not bad things, like meditating, working out with my buddy, spending time with my family, sleeping.  But slowly I find I’m letting my writing slip away as I trade it for other things that fill my time.  My writing is leaking and so am I.


I first noticed the leaking as a sense of free-floating frustration—a general sense of discontent with the world and myself.  And so I listened to my life.  I observed the dis-ease within myself and pondered what it was that was robbing me of my joy. 


And then one morning as I was reading some morning reflections, sitting in the quiet, it came to me—I had given up on my dream of writing.  I had allowed everyone and everything else to take precedence over my writing.  I had quit before the miracle.


Once I realized the root of my discontent, I went back to the start, asked myself how I could recommit to fitting writing back into my life.  I reorganized my morning schedule by getting up an hour earlier so I could put my writing dream first, ahead of all the other commitments in my life.  And with some prayer and a good dose of grace, I’ m getting back on track.  I’ m refusing to quit before the miracle happens. 


I’m realizing I am a writer.  I have something to say, something to which I need to give voice, and I enjoy putting reflections out there for me and others to ponder, maybe even find growth.  Transformation.


I guess Jesus had to work hard not to quit before the miracle happened in his life too.  He started out his formal ministry with his disciples as a teacher and wise sage, but three years later it all came crashing down around him in the garden of gethsemane as his dream of building a kingdom of love on earth was failing big-time. 


He could have quit.  He could have thrown in the towel, apologized for all the trouble he had caused the politicians and walked away from his dream. 


But with his dream came the prayer and grace to move forward, so he pushed through, picked up his cross and walked to the top of the hill where he gave every ounce of love within him to his father and to you and me.  He surrendered his spirit. 


And then the miracle happened.  God took his spirit of love, lifted it up and placed it in you and me.  Now you and I have the same spirit that Jesus gave up that day on Good Friday.  And with a good dose of grace and prayer, our dreams can come true just like his.  As long as we don’t quit before the miracle.




Game Plan:  What Easter dreams are dreaming in you?  How can you recommit yourself to your dream?   What’s the next step you can take toward making your dream a reality?

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