Creating Space

Our busy lives can sometimes overwhelm us trying to stay on top of our tasks and projects.  To do lists. Phone calls. Text messages. Meetings. Emails. All combine to create a certain chaos leaving us feeling we have no room to breathe.

 Creating space for God and ourselves can help balance out the daily demands on our time.  Sitting in the morning quiet sipping our first cup of coffee with no distractions around us allows us to recall the blessings we are experiencing.  A warm house. Food.  People that love us and we love back.  Health. Breathe.  Another day to be alive. 

 This created space also gives us time to reflect on the challenges we’re facing, the problems we’re experiencing so we can ask God for the wisdom to know what it is we must do, if anything.

 Creating space helps us reconnect with our soul, remember who we are giving us the strength and peace to move into the rest of the day.  We then become the prayer we pondered and experienced in the quiet.

 Throughout the day, as the pace increases, we can take a moment to return to the quiet, creating a few moments for ourselves and God in the middle of the chaos as we pause and reconnect with our inner truth.

 At the end of the day, before we turn the light off and pull the covers up, we can take a few moments remembering where we experienced God today, where we felt the presence of peace, wisdom, and balance unfolding in our lives throughout the day.

 This rhythm of creating space is a gift we give ourselves.  It is a remembering, a cleansing, a rebalancing, a reconnecting with the soul that lives and breathes within us. 

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