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Getting men to move beyond the surface and delve deeper into their spiritual lives can be challenging, especially with other men.  It takes finding the right language and creating the proper context for men to move outside their comfort zone.

The Pillars of Steel’s Leadership Team has had a history of success in walking alongside a number of groups, organizations, and churches assisting them with forming new men’s groups or bolstering existing men’s groups.

We custom-design workshops, retreats and man-talks which can help jump-start the conversation among the men in your organization or group.  Under your direction, we then help establish and facilitate on-going Inner Compass Groups in your location to sustain those men who want to continue going deeper and meeting on a regular basis.

If you would like to see how Pillars of Steel might assist you and your group, shoot us an email so we can discern together how we can serve you and your community.

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