Are You Connected?

Have you ever noticed in a crowd the number of people talking on their cell phones, texting, or emailing on their hand held devices?

 Have you ever misplaced your cell phone for a few hours or days? And until you found it or replaced it, do you remember how cut off, disjointed, disconnected you felt? Lost.

 Our attachment to our cell phones points to a basic human need: the need to be connected—connected with our friends, family, God, ourselves. Connected to our Souls.

 Being connected is a vital part of being human. In the womb we’re connected to our mother through our umbilical cord. Once outside the womb, we’re connected with family and friends, who guide us, encourage us, help us grow, so we can master life’s lessons.

 Our need to be connected flows from our relationship with God. We need to know whoever created us didn’t plunk us down on earth leaving us abandoned, drifting in space like an astronaut separated from the spacecraft, cut off from the oxygen and electrical power supplied through the umbilical cable, our lifeline to the mother ship.

The lifeline to our souls is the inner voice of love, that still small quiet voice which connects us with the wisdom we need to know how to live. Love’s inner voice supplies the nourishment, encouragement, and directions for navigating through and around planet earth.

When we’re connected to the inner voice of love we experience a deeper sense of wholeness, peace, and contentment. We learn to stop and listen to our inner guidance before we make decisions. We hear a quiet whisper within our hearts that leads us home.

 The inner voice of love is the oxygen for our souls. It’s the source of wisdom, understanding, and insight that feeds us with the vital nutrients we need to live fully alive.

Too much noise and distraction from the outside world along with the noisy din from our inner critic, however, can distance us from that inner voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit. When that happens, we need to stop, find a few moments of quiet, and reconnect to our lifeline.

Setting up a regular practice, a daily rhythm where we intentionally enter into the Silence and create space for our souls to breathe is key to living a balanced life. The Silence then becomes our connection to God, the sacred space where we listen to our lives and find the love and encouragement we need to survive, where we connect with our Soul.


 Find the Silence and you’ll find your Soul.


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