The Color of Joy












Joy is an emotion we often don’t recognize when it pops out and surprises us. We‘re far too often used to experiencing stress and worry about the problem of the day.


So, when joy comes it’s often unfamiliar. Odd. We can’t quite put our finger on what we’re experiencing.


Joy comes when we sense that the threads of our life are being woven together; when we feel safe and content; when all our hard work is finally paying off.


Joy is the fruit of the inner work we do on a daily basis to find our connection to God—to understand and trust that God does lead us, as we listen in the quiet allowing the next steps on our life’s journey to unfold.


Joy comes when we sense God is indeed guiding us even if we’re not fully sure to where.


Joy comes in the little moments that become big; the smile of a child who reaches out to hug us with innocence and laughter; the awe that fills our hearts as we watch the morning sun rise from its slumber across dawn’s pale sky; the surprise that comes when a whitetail deer darts across our path and we stand in silent reverence watching him bounce along the dirt path in front of us.


Joy is a feeling we learn to name when we experience it. It’s a color painted on our hearts, and when we receive its beauty, ponder and savor it, we lift our souls up in gratitude to the One who showers us with its delight.




When I have felt joy most recently?

Where was I? What happened?

What color is joy in my life?



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  1. joy is the color of nature the Union of us all – ever encompassing and warm – even as we begin to feel winter becon – comfort


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