Coffee Grounds Don’t Go in the Garbage Disposal—and other life lessons

When I bought my first house years ago, I couldn’t figure out why the garbage disposal kept getting plugged.  Eventually I had to call a plumber when the sink backed up. 

 A wise middle-aged fellow, he found a big glop of coffee grounds in the drain. After unplugging the backup, he divulged the secret that putting coffee grounds into a garbage disposal is like pouring concrete into your toilet, eventually its builds up tons of sludge and plugs the drain. 

 As a result of this new-found wisdom,  I now dump my used coffee grounds in the garbage, or better yet, put them in the garden to fertilize the tomato plants.

 Life is constantly teaching us lessons, big and small.  Life’s encounters provide the classroom for gaining wisdom, insight into how life works and how we’re wired.

 I know from experience that I need quiet time in the morning.  I need a good 20-30 minutes if not more to sip my coffee, read a reflection and sit with my eyes closed listening to my soul. 

 When I don’t take that time for myself I have a grouchy day. I feel unbalanced. Off-kilter.  So, I’ve come to realize I need to start my day with the quiet that nurtures me, centers me, keeps my heart open and connected to the Deep.

 Experiencing the death of a loved one teaches us the sacredness of life, the dignity of letting go, and learning to trust our loved ones are still with us in spirit.

 Learning to deflect the angry words of another person helps us check ourselves to see if we’re off target and need to correct our behavior, or whether we need to learn unconditional love for ourselves and the other who may be projecting their fear onto us.

 When we approach life as a training ground, a classroom for learning how to live the miracle of love, we come to understand who and what we are.  We are the Spirit of God, a holy son or daughter of God, free to live and love and be an extension of God’s love in the world.


Remember whose you are today.

You are a holy son or daughter of God, living and learning the miracle of love.


–Brian Plachta 4/2014

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