And a Child Shall Lead You…


Do you remember playing with an imaginary friend when you were a child? You and he lived in your own little world.

 It was safe.


He accompanied you wherever you went.

You even tucked each other in at night.

And when you were scared, you’d comfort each other with words of love and safety.

Could it be your imaginary friend was your first introduction to God?

Your Soul and God getting to know each other on this side of heaven?

Your imagination bridging heaven and earth.

The very real Presence of God.

Here. Now.



Growing up together.




Consider the possibility of hanging out with your imaginary friend again now that you’re an adult.

Laugh with him.

Talk with him.

Play with him.

Reconnect with him.

Give him a name. An image.

Know that you and your friend—whatever you choose to call him: God, the Creator, the Protector—are real just like when you were young and innocent.

Find that childlike innocence again deep within your Soul. Let your child lead you.


 Who was your imaginary friend when you were a child?

How can you rekindle that friendship?

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