The CEO Prayer

The CEO Prayer: Centered. Embraced. Open.

As we move through the course of a busy day our brains shoot thousands of messages at us.  Thoughts about who we are, what we like or don’t like, what we’re doing, and what we’re supposed to be doing.  After a while the barrage of thoughts can leave us whirling mentally.

A simple practice called the CEO Prayer allows us to enjoy the variety of thoughts and experiences we move through during the day by becoming “centered,” “embraced,” and “open,” finding a centering point, a gentle thought or metaphor, an affirmation that anchors us providing a source of inner peace.

Simple affirmations such as those below can help center us.  Consider writing them down at the top of your daily calendar to remind you:


  • I am a good person. (Centered).
  • I am safe. (Embraced).
  • I am always connected to my Higher Power. (Open).


 Words such as these not only serve as a focus or anchor to come back to throughout the day, they also remind us that we are embraced and protected by God and that God is always with us.  The words invite us to reach out to God for wisdom, direction and guidance throughout the day as we listen with an open heart. 

By engaging in this simple practice we become the CEO of our life:  Centered.  Embraced. Open.


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