Pillars of Steel—How Real Men Draw Strength From Each Other

Book Description


Author Brian Plachta takes on the unwritten and blindly-followed rules of “The Man Code” turning them upside down in his new book: Pillars of Steel – How Real Men Draw Strength from Each Other. Author, attorney, husband and father, Plachta provides simple and practical wisdom in his book for coming to terms with life, faith, and a new blueprint for masculinity. He offers men a unique opportunity to break the Man Code and discover the power of bullet-proof friendships. This field guide to manhood is for all men who have been trapped by the Man Code-those unwritten rules men must follow or they get kicked out of the man club. Pillars of Steel cuts to the secret that so many of us carry around: it’s lonely being a man. Plachta’s honesty, candor, humor and strength make this book a must-read for any man who wants the most from his life, his faith and his relationships.


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