Be a Blessing

Be a blessing


“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.”

C.S. Lewis


There are many people and events that bless us each day: our families, friends, spouses, partners, and pets to name just a few.  These blessings enrich us, protect us; they fill us with laughter and love throughout the day. They remind us that we are loved and loveable.


Just like a lake that has both a source of inflowing water as well as an outflowing of water into an adjacent river or stream, we in turn bless others with the love we have received, otherwise we become dried up like a stagnant pond.  As we allow our blessedness to flow through us and out to others, we find new energy and joy.  We discover deeper meaning and purpose in our life, as we in turn become a blessing for others. Hence, just like a healthy body of water, both the receiving and giving of blessings are vital to our spiritual health; to our well-being and balance. 


Game Plan:  Consider how and by whom you are blessed as your move through your day. Then also ponder how you are a blessing to others.  Feel the rhythm of both the giving and the receiving.





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