All Life Matters

We hear a lot of politically charged talk these days about whose life matters. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Asian, Christian, and Islamic lives matter.

 To the extent these statements affirm the underlying truth that all lives matter, such declarations could unite us rather than divide us.

 But just as importantly, perhaps these pronouncements can also serve as a useful springboard toward a deeper more individual question: “Does my life matter?”

 Does my life matter isn’t a mere political statement. It’s not a sound bite on the evening news or a slogan plastered on a parade banner that fades away soon after the protest signs are packed up and stored away.

 Rather, does my life matter is a spiritual question that points us inward.

 The inquiry forces us to take responsibility for our lives. It allows us the freedom to assess whether we’re on the right track.

 To answer the question, we may need to ask ourselves a deeper question: to whom does my life matter? In other words:

  • Who are the people my life has touched in a positive way?

  • Whose lives has my life changed?

  • Who finds encouragement, guidance, or compassion from my life?

  • Who do I inspire?

  • Who are the people who would miss me deeply if I weren’t around anymore?

  • Who would have a hole in their heart, a vacuum in their lives if I were gone?

 This honest introspection helps us look both backward and forward. It helps us find gratitude and affirmation when we’re able to name the handful or more of people to whom are lives really do matter.

 This assessment helps us define who we are, and what we want our lives to be remembered for.

 A Divine Being, a Being to whom our lives matter because he wanted us to be part of the Creative Expression of Love in the world, part of heaven here on earth, created each one of us.

 The purpose of our lives therefore, is to love God, others, and ourselves. If we’re impacting other’s lives in a positive way, then we can be pretty sure our lives do matter. We’re part of the creative expression of love in the world. We matter…to ourselves, to God, and to others.

 It’s not about how many lives we impact, but rather the quality of how we’re impacting other’s lives. Are we like a tiny droplet of water rippling out with love into the sea of other’s lives?



 Make a list of the people to whom your life matters.

For each individual identify how your life matters to him or her.

How do you matter to yourself? To God?


All Life matters

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  1. This is a priceless piece! When we answer the questions you’ve posed, it definitely makes one feel blessed.
    Thank you!


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