Mission, continued

Pillars of Steel grew out of Brian Plachta’s search for answers to these questions—to wrestle out loud with other men, to create sacred space where guys can find meaningful dialogue about what it means to be a man in today’s world. Pillars of Steel, and Brian’s book of the same title, provides a spark—an ignition switch that invites others into the conversation about the masculine journey.

Some call Pillars of Steel a movement or an initiative; others call it a ministry. But Pillars of Steel can’t be put in a box. Rather, it’s a framework for discussion that helps men to develop the necessary vocabulary and experiences in order to find meaning in today’s world. Pillars of Steel is where men walk alongside each other, shoulder-to-shoulder, so we can find our inner compass—our deeper wisdom—and along the way develop friends of steel who have each other’s backs.

We don’t have all the answers. But we do have the courage and strength to ask the deeper questions so, together, we can live into the answers.

The quest before us is huge. Some say men are facing a crisis in masculinity. But we, as men, are being given an opportunity to reshape and rebalance what it means to be a man in today’s world. We are being given a chance to break out of the box—the box that society has placed men in, where our roles define us, instead of us defining our roles.

Pillars of Steel provides new tools on our quest to discover true masculinity. We dig deep, scraping our knuckles against the concrete of our lives and doing the inner work necessary to discover the masculine soul within each of us.

To provide men with the strength and courage to take up this challenge, Pillars of Steel invites men to consider these tools for the masculine journey:

  • Courage to Break the Man Code

It’s time men stop competing and fighting with each other and fight the real enemy: the Man Code—those unwritten rules that society imposes upon us as men (and sometimes, we impose upon ourselves), which restrict our freedom and force us to live lonely, unbalanced, isolated lives.

  • Inner Compass

Discovering our inner compass, the wisdom that our Creator placed within each one of us, male and female, is the true source of our strength and guidance. Learning to connect with and understand this inner compass is much like developing and training a muscle. Joining with other men in an Inner Compass Group helps to fast-track our growth and understanding, helps us to connect with the source of wisdom within.

  • Friends of Steel 

We were designed as men to walk alongside one or two other buddies who have our back, who are willing to speak into our lives, who will carry our souls within their own souls as we journey on life’s path. This type of genuine brotherhood between men goes by many names: friends of steel, blood brothers, spiritual friends, bullet-proof friends. These bonds between men sharpen our iron, help us to find and stay on the path of wholeness, strengthen our inner man as we experience the depth and affirmation from other men who are willing to be invested in our lives, and us in theirs.

We invite you to join us on the Pillars of Steel path toward wholeness.

Our mission is simple:  Provide the tools for men to walk alongside one another shoulder-to-shoulder, developing a deeper wisdom by connecting with our inner compass—to know true strength and compassion for others and ourselves.



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