Q: What is Pillars of Steel?

Pillars of Steel is a men’s initiative seeking to create a spark, a flame, a connection on the

path toward your inner compass that guides you home.

Together we have the courage and strength to ask the deeper questions so we can

live into the answers.

We’re not a church. We don’t have it all figured out. We don’t have a magic map. We’re

just guys on the journey digging in the ditches of life, walking alongside each other,

blowing the dust from each other’s eyes, having fun along the way.

Pillars of Steel can’t be put in a box. Some would call Pillars of Steel a movement, an

initiative, others call it a ministry. But Instead its a place where men walk alongside each

other, shoulder-to-shoulder, to find our inner compass – our deeper wisdom – and along

the way develop friends of steel who have each other’s backs.

Q: How can Pillars make a difference in my life?

By joining with other guys on the journey you’ll discover the resources and wisdom

necessary to ask the core questions necessary to grow into wholeness, balance, and


Questions like:

 Who’s got my back?

 How do I find wholeness, purpose, and meaning in my life?

 How do I find genuine friendships with other guys who are willing to

share their hearts with me?

 Does God really speak to me? If so, how?

These are just some of the questions men are asking themselves these days as they

dig deeper into their lives.

The problem is because of the man code -those unwritten rules that restrict men

from sharing their hearts with other men -most guys find themselves alone,

struggling with these questions – isolated…howling at the moon like a lone wolf.

Not anymore.

The time has come to break the man code, get back into the pack, find community

with other guys who want to discover ‘how real men draw strength from each


Through its on-line social community, face-to-face talks and workshops, retreats,

inner compass groups, spiritual mentoring, books, and speakers, Pillars of Steel

helps men connect with other men in search of real masculinity—in search of

wisdom and freedom.

Q: Is POS a religious organization, or affiliated with one?

No. POS is made up of men from all walks of life, all faith traditions, or no faith

tradition. Most of us believe in a higher power. Some of us choose to call that higher

power, God. No matter what you call the Creator, the Source, we believe it’s time to

allow the word to become fresh because too many of our words have excess baggage that

distract us from what we’re really hoping to find. We’re open to new words, new

expressions of what faith means to us, so we can join the conversation and learn from

each other.

Q: Is there a book I can read to learn more?

Pillars of Steel—How Real Men Draw Strength from Each Other is a good place to start.

It gives an overview of what men are really looking for, provides a history of

masculinity, and delivers simple and practical wisdom for coming to terms with life,

faith, and a new blueprint for masculinity.

Q: I want to join the POS Men’s Initiative. How do I get started?

First, sign up for the weekly email encouragement under the Explore page.

Then download your free copy of the Pillars of Steel—How Real Men Draw Strength

from Each Other book and give it a read.

Next, listen to the short audio clip on the Listen home page.

Then, take a look at the Breaking the Man Code You Tube on the Watch home page.

Finally, join the POS community and interact with other men on the masculine journey.

Q: What’s the difference between a retreat, a workshop and an inner compass group?

A Workshop is a short ½ day or evening experience centered around a topic of men’s

spirituality. It’s a chance to get your feet wet and see what you can learn.

A Retreat is a longer, usually weekend experience, usually lakeside and in nature where

you can join with a small group of other men to get away from the world, rest, relax and

focus on where you are and where you’re being invited to go in your own spiritual


An Inner Compass Group is a once a month small group gathering of 5-6 men for about

two hours with a trained facilitator which provides an on-going container to connect with

your inner wisdom and figure out how to integrate your daily life with the wisdom you

are gaining on your spiritual journey. The Inner Compass Group connects you with the

inner guide that each of is born with, which helps steer, direct and lead us through the

journey of our lives, the journey toward wholeness, balance and peace.

Q: Is Pillars of Steel anti-feminist?

Not at all.

As men become stronger, wiser, more compassionate, more in touch with their inner

guide, POS actually helps men walk alongside women as partners and co-creators, each

encouraging and enhancing our natural gifts as we explore the mutual desire for


Historically, POS believes a rebalancing is occurring regarding how men and women

relate to each other. Patriarchy is dead. Women have stepped forward to take their

rightful role. Similarly, men’s roles are also changing begging the question: what does it

mean to be a man in today’s world?

Aware of this on-going shift in male and female relationships, POS provides a container

for men to explore the deeper questions, do the internal work, and find the strength that

comes from their inner compass inviting men to grow in care, compassion and wisdom.

This evolution in turn enhances, supports, and enriches the lives of women.

Q: Didn’t you used to have a forum? Where did the community move to?

Our forum has moved to the Members Only Pillars of Steel Facebook page. Click here to request to join the Group.

The Facebook Community is much more user-friendly than the prior POS forum and

maintains the same privacy for members to discover the power that comes from walking

alongside other men on the journey toward wholeness.

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